The Fair Spaces Index is aimed at municipalities and provides assistance for a fair distribution of road space.

The associated Fair Spaces Tool visualizes the current state and a fairer distribution of road space based on selected parameters.

The index takes into account different uses of the street space, such as traffic areas for safe, active mobility, public transport and private car traffic, spaces for recreation, green spaces, and unused spaces.tion, green space, unsealed surfaces, play, parking for delivery traffic, shared mobility, and mobility-impaired persons. The index thus includes not only a fair distribution of transportation modes, but also making our cities more resilient and livable.

The Fair Spaces Index is designed to help municipalities rethink the allocation of street spaces - for new streets and existing ones.

Our Fair Spaces Index is a practical guide for municipalities. The visual results of the Fair Spaces Tool are recommendations designed to stimulate discussion and thought.


The Fair Spaces Index was funded by the Dr. Joachim and Hanna Schmidt Foundation for Environment and Transportation.