Take the chance to be part of the circle and exchange already acquired knowledge, tools, methods and good practices in the field of circular economy applying to the tourism sector, ensuring further transferring and capitalization of existing knowledge in the sector.

The INCIRCLE Knowledge Platform enhances the knowledge previously acquired in the field and ensures the availability, "circularity" and usability of this knowledge and a set of solutions collected and tested in the MED area. 

The platform aims at:

  • Collecting, cataloguing, promoting and sharing of tools, methods and best practices on the theme of circular tourism identified through project activities related to the different territories, with the aim of pooling problems and sollutions by sharing models of reference that in other contexts have proved successful,
  • Promoting and sharing of "circularity" indicators developed within the project,
  • Ranking and subsequently benchmarking of policies and practices on the project of circular tourism of project partners and external users of the programme area through a self-assessment tool,
  • Acting as an online repository for the collection of solutions and outputs developed by INCIRCLE and other MED and Interreg projects active in the field of sustainability and of the principles of the circular economy applied to tourism. 

The platform's target group consists of local, regional and national public authorities, sectoral agenies, infrastructure and public service managers, interest groups including NGOs, research and higher education bodies, SMEs, business support organisations, international organisations, EEIG (European Economic Interest Groups), civil society.