Market Fact

The new EU vehicle battery regulation, effective from February 2027, mandates electric vehicles (EVs) to carry a digital 'battery passport'. This initiative aims to enhance transparency in battery production and usage.

  • Location: European Union

Main Facts/Points:

EVs will require a digital passport with a QR code providing detailed information about each battery.
The passport will cover raw material sources, manufacturing details, capacity, and condition.
Part of the new Batteries Regulation laws, this move seeks to minimize the carbon footprint of EV batteries and promote sustainability.

Enforcement begins in February 2027.
The passport will contain 90 pieces of information across seven categories including battery materials, supply chain, and performance.
This legislation represents a significant step towards responsible and sustainable battery usage in the EV sector across the EU.


https://movemnt.net/evs-will-need-battery-passports-in-eu-countries-from-2027/ / 31th of January