Summary: The recent PV Tech webinar, The New Normal: Navigating Climate Risks in Europe’s Solar Energy Transition, shed light on challenges and opportunities facing solar developers amidst Europe's changing climate. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Solar challenges:

  • Europe's shifting climate poses challenges for solar developers, impacting the effectiveness and predictability of panels.
  • Solar panels typically lose power output beyond the optimal temperature range, affecting project efficiency.

2. Financial viability concerns:

  • Uncertainty in panel effectiveness has raised concerns about the financial viability of solar projects.
  • Despite this, the European solar sector received a record €5.6 billion in funding, indicating investor interest.

3. New avenues:

  • Opportunities exist for innovative approaches. Agrivoltaics, integrating solar projects into agricultural settings, presents a promising avenue.
  • Europe could potentially install 51TW of solar capacity in the agrivoltaic sector, offering resilience against climate disruptions.

4. Shifting strategies for developers and investors:

  • The challenges may prompt solar developers and investors to explore new working methods.
  • Emphasis on supporting high bankable projects with stable returns to mitigate potential losses.

Source of information: https://www.pv-tech.org/new-ways-of-working-key-takeaways-from-pv-tech-webinar-on-european-climate-and-solar-power/ (Published 07 December 2023).