Eternity presents its 'Virtual Public Officer WebRTC 360º' at the VIII Innovation and New Technologies Fair of the Seville Provincial Council ​​​​​​​

Eternity Group has a vertical for public administration that improves the effectiveness and efficiency in the processes of citizen care through its innovative WebRTC Virtual switchboard with augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Therefore, Eternity has presented at the VIII Fair of Innovation and New Technologies of the Provincial Council of Seville its 'Virtual Public Officer', which allows to optimize 360º and with AI the systems of citizen attention for public administrations.  

The 'Virtual Public Officer' is part of its technological solution 'Citizen Experience', which is the first comprehensive management platform and citizen support 360º, oriented to public administration. Through this solution, public administrations can manage communication and information, bidirectionally, with citizens. 

Eternity's 'Citizen Experience' allows the residents of a municipality to resolve their doubts and manage in real time and from any device, offering 24/7 support to citizens. 

This comprehensive solution completely transforms the relationship between administration and citizens, making the latter participants at all times of improvements, policies and problem solving.

Thanks to the invitation of ‘INPRO’ and the Seville Provincial Council to participate in the VIII Innovation and New Technologies Fair, Eternity has been able to demonstrate its full potential in this event, in addition to having been able to carry out a pilot together with the Seville Provincial Council. 

The event was also attended by renowned companies such as Telefónica, Orange, Bosch or SmartFlower.