City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Main issues must be clearly stated:​​​​​​​ Edinburgh’s smart city projects have already tackled issues such as digital inclusion and air quality and helped the council deliver services more effectively.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Main facts/points +  Key statistics and data:

  • Edinburgh has celebrated the completion of the first phase of its smart city operations program, marking key achievements in digital inclusion and improved service delivery.
  • These projects, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of Edinburgh's participation in the Scotland's 8th City – the Smart City program, included the installation of 11,000 smart bin sensors and the deployment of humidity, temperature, and CO2 sensors in council properties.
  • Edinburgh has also rolled out a digital learning solution in schools and established a Smart City Operations Centre. The new centre uses real-time data from the CCTV network to enhance traffic flow, transport infrastructure, and city planning, contributing to sustainability efforts and monitoring environmental conditions.
  • In addition, the city is introducing a digital urban traffic management and control system for improved traffic management and air quality.​​​​​​​

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Smart Cities World, 04.10.2023, https://www.smartcitiesworld.net/news/edinburgh-smart-city-programme-completes-first-phase-9420