Éire / Ireland

Ireland is grappling with an urgent climate crisis, marked by rainfall of unprecedented intensity and frequency. Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has issued a stark warning to local authorities and government bodies, emphasizing the need for immediate resilience to combat more frequent and severe flooding events, which are direct outcomes of climate change. This call to action comes as water levels remain abnormally high following an exceptionally wet summer, posing a significant threat to the nation.

In response to this escalating climate-induced flooding risk, the Irish government is taking proactive measures. It is expected that the government will approve the Storm Babet flood relief scheme, aimed at providing vital financial assistance to businesses severely impacted by flooding. With grants of up to €100,000 and additional humanitarian relief schemes in place, this initiative serves as a lifeline for affected businesses. Yet, it remains evident that local authorities play a crucial role in flood resilience. Their vigilance in areas such as drainage, water table measurement, and flood risk assessment is paramount to ensuring communities are well-equipped and protected against the dire consequences of climate-induced flooding. The reality of climate change is unfolding, and Ireland must act swiftly and resolutely to safeguard its future.

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