On January 10, 2024, the 2024-2030 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan Stakeholder Workshop was held by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. This vision emphasizes the progress of society, technology, the world, and living standards, highlighting the significance of technological development, sustainability, and resilience. The plan aims not only for technological advancement but also for societal progress from a sustainable and resilient perspective.

  • Location: Marmara Region, Turkiye

Vision & Objectives: The plan envisions societal, technological, and global advancement, emphasizing sustainability. It aims for collaborative societal progress through innovative, sustainable solutions.

Strategic Approach: Success hinges on sector collaboration, innovation, and national sourcing for sustainable solutions.

Cultural Integration & Independence: The plan integrates cultural values, striving for national technological independence, aligning with the National Technology Movement.

Overall Goals: Implementing advanced smart city applications is the primary objective, contributing significantly to national and global sustainability.

Historical Context & Structure: Marking the first Smart City Strategy for the second term nationally, the plan maintains a comprehensive structure.

Alignment with National & Global Objectives: Aligned with national policy, the plan ensures coordination and contributes to Sustainable Development Goals with human-centric tools.