The white paper addresses the urgent need to establish sustainable and inclusive urban mobility systems across cities in Turkey. It identifies a multifaceted catalyst that can accelerate critical goals like sustainable transportation, poverty elimination, reducing inequality, supporting women, and combating climate change. To achieve this, the paper emphasizes the reinforcement of various social and economic factors, including accessibility, affordability, social equality, safety, comfort, and convenience.

  • Location: Turkey  
  1. Development of a climate-friendly, clean, and sustainable urban transportation system.
  2. Promotion of an inclusive urban mobility system.
  3. Strengthening the link between urban planning and transportation planning.
  4. Prioritization of walking and cycling in urban transportation.
  5. Emphasis on safety and road security in urban transportation.
  6. Enhancement of public transportation through integrated solutions.
  7. Increase in accessible and affordable urban transportation.
  8. Encouragement of behavior change for sustainable urban mobility.
  9. Utilization of digitalization and innovative solutions for accurate analysis of urban mobility patterns.
  10. Strengthening new mobility and micro-mobility solutions in cities

The white paper serves as a critical guide for Turkish cities in developing sustainable and inclusive transportation systems that cater to all citizens, creating safer, healthier, fairer, and more enriching environments for everyone.