Market Fact

  • Denmark continues to lead the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), securing the highest rating among 60 countries assessed for their climate protection efforts. This independent tool evaluates countries' performance in implementing the Paris Agreement, covering 92% of global greenhouse gas emissions.​​​​​​​
  • Location: Denmark
  • Overall Performance: Denmark ranks fourth globally, showcasing its commitment to climate action. The country excels in GHG emissions reduction, renewable energy, and climate policy, earning commendable ratings.

  • Energy Usage: While Denmark performs well in several areas, its energy usage receives mediocre ratings. This indicates a need for further improvements in optimizing energy consumption.

  • Progressive Climate Policies: Denmark stands out for its progressive climate policies, with initiatives such as the implementation of a CO2 tax and active participation in the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance.

  • Emission Reduction Targets: Despite progress, experts note that Denmark's efforts to achieve a 70% emission reduction by 2030 are commendable but still insufficient. The country faces ongoing challenges in meeting ambitious targets.

Denmark's dedication to climate leadership is evident, but a comprehensive approach addressing energy usage challenges is crucial for sustained progress.