Embark on a journey towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral Espoo as the city proudly presents the "Climate Action – Let's Work Together Towards a Carbon-Neutral Espoo" exhibition. This immersive showcase spotlights the collaborative efforts essential for achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. It emphasizes the crucial role of cooperation between the city, residents, universities, research organizations, innovation activities, and businesses in combating climate change.

Key Highlights of the Exhibition

  • Four Pillars of Action:
    Housing: Explore innovative solutions and practices adopted by Espoo to make residential spaces more sustainable.
    Transport: Uncover initiatives that revolutionize the way we move, reducing carbon footprints in the city's transportation systems.
    Food: Delve into sustainable food practices, discovering how residents can contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly food culture.
    Other Consumption: Learn about measures addressing consumption habits beyond housing and food, promoting sustainable choices in daily life.
  • Adaptation to Climate Change:
    Understand how Espoo is proactively preparing for the impacts of climate change, emphasizing the importance of adaptation strategies.
  • 2030 Carbon Neutrality Goal:
  • -Witness Espoo's commitment to combatting climate change, strengthening biodiversity, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.
    -A roadmap will be unveiled, outlining Espoo's comprehensive plan to reach carbon neutrality. This document will describe the city's own initiatives and collaboration with partners and residents to achieve this ambitious goal.
    Cooperation for Global Impact:
    -Appreciate the city's dedication to generating impactful solutions by collaborating with universities, research organizations, innovation activities, and businesses.
    -Recognize the significant carbon handprint these partnerships aim to leave on a global scale, contributing to the larger fight against climate change.
  • For more informations visit the https://www.espoo.fi/en/sustainable-development/espoos-climate-goals#eu-mission-100-climate-neutral-and-smart-cities-by-2030-40977