The Smart City Coaching Program focuses on economic developers of small and medium-sized municipalities. Participants are trained to successfully link ongoing and new projects in the field of smart municipalities and communities with economic development. The program's focus areas include fostering innovative solutions, strengthening regional economies and improving the quality of life for citizens.

The program includes mentoring sessions where participants have the opportunity to interact with our experts, gain new skills, and learn from successful projects. Participants will be empowered to develop their own projects and ensure the added value of regional economic development....

The goal of the Smart City Coaching Program is thus to strengthen participants' skills and provide them with the tools and resources they need to implement successful Smart City projects in their communities.

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Core Facts

  • More than 430 successfully trained individuals over the past 5 years.
  • Experience of more than 700 organizations in the BABLE platform.
  • More than 580 best practice examples on the BABLE platform.

Previous experience

  • Basic knowledge and practical experience in business development
  • Interest in further development in the innovative topic area of smart municipalities and communities
  • Motivation for long-term cooperation
  • Previous experience in the implementation of technologies is an advantage

Time investment

  • Free initial coaching - 30 min online session.
  • The further Learning Journey will be worked out with the participant if interested.
  • The coaching program Smart Communities and Municipalities is an advanced training in hybrid mode

Target group

Economic developers from small and medium-sized municipalities who are motivated to improve their skills and competencies in the area of Smart Communities and Municipalities and to participate in shaping a sustainable future in their communities.

What you will take with you

  • Understanding of the context and challenges in the smart city space
  • Ability to plan and implement innovative projects in the field of smart city
  • Strengthening skills in communication, collaboration and co-creation
  • Enhance knowledge of new technologies and solutions in the field of smart city
  • Promoting sustainable and efficient projects that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life

Participants of the coaching program will be empowered to implement successful smart city projects in their communities, promoting progress in sustainability, efficiency and innovation.

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