Whether you are working in local government or are looking for a city partner, check out the new online tool for help finding new partners for several EIT Urban Mobility Calls for Projects 2020 and 2021 (closing this April).


Cities are especially invited to browse existing partner searches across all funding areas and leave a post with their expression of interest.


Here are some of the opportunities for cities to apply:

  • Call 2021 Innovation: Focusing on testing, piloting and implementing services and products in transport with a high Technology Readiness Level. 
  • Call 2021 Business Creation: Get in touch and nurture start-ups which are developing some groundbreaking products and services to solve your urban mobility challeges. 
  • Call 2021 Future Mobility Factory: Ready for scaling? Receive process-support funding to bring your urban solutions to scale.
  • Call 2020 and 2021 Citizen Engagement: Create a citizen engagement platform and best practice sharing, and developing novel engagement methodologies to empower public participation.
  • Call 2021 Academy: Developing course concepts that especially target the need within city administrations as part of the EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub.


Moreover, cities from the following countries Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia are particularly encouraged to leave an expression of interest under the Call 2020 Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).


Here are all links to the Calls for Proposals and partner search tool:

- Call for Proposals for activities to be implemented in 2020 on the topics of Citizen Engagement or Regonial Innovation Scheme (RIS)Deadline submission of proposals: 30 April 2020

- Call for Proposals for activities to be implemented in 2021 on Innovation, Business Creation, Education, Factory (scaling of solutions), Citizen Engagement or Regonial Innovation Scheme (RIS)Deadline Notification of Intent: 30 April 2020. Deadline for submission of proposals: 14 May 2020.

- Tool to facilitate partner search and networking