Who are we?

We are City Gecko, brand of smart urban furniture, developed by company Telemax. We are based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The brand was created from the human need for energy and connection, the result of which is the creation of solutions that will meet these needs.
Our solutions are smart benches and solar bus station.
Modularity is the main feature of the brand. Uniquely designed solutions are constructed so that by combining and installing multiple modules, new and functional shapes are created. This feature distinguishes us from other manufacturers.
Also, an important feature of our solutions is a positive return on investment, thanks to advertising space.
For more information on marketing opportunities as well as other things, contact us.

City Gecko smart benches are created and tested adhering to EU directives that ensure the quality of the products themselves. The introduced CE and IECEE marks are proof of quality, safety, health and environmental protection. As such, the solutions are ready and suitable for installation in Europe and the world.

What we are looking for?

Our plans for the future are to expand our distribution network to EU countries.
We are looking for companies that will represent us in a particular country and distribute our solutions. 
Companies can be from different spheres of business.

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