Event date

Dunkers kulturhus
Kungsgatan 11
252 21 Helsingborgs kommun, Helsingborg, Sweden

Making cities sustainable through technological and financial innovation

City Climate Impact Day is a platform for improved collaboration between important stakeholders on the road to the climate neutral city.

When: June 16th, 2022, during the H22 City Expo

Who: Around 200 city managers , financial institutions, industry players, and innovators from all over Europe

Where: Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden

Join us for:

  • A celebration of city climate contracts and tools for turning them into investment plans
  • Inspiring climate-positive projects from European cities
  • New business models and financial solutions to scale innovation in cities 
  • A showcase of innovation with high positive climate impact
  • Networking and 1:1 meetings


For cities and regions: "How to make climate investment plans" Workshop with Viable Cities, Climate View, Material Economics, and Bable Smart Cities + boat dinner

For financial institutions: "Scale the Case" - presentation of successful projects in the EU that need financial innovation to be scaled

For cleantech companies: Training on how to calculate your company's climate impact with an avoided emissions assessment