ChatGPT and the city? Vienna knows how!

Explore, together with us, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and urban development with our insightful online seminar "ChatGPT and the city? Vienna knows how!" The seminar, which was held in German on March 12, 2024, focused on the application of AI in cities and highlighted Vienna's already innovative use of the technology.

Sindre Wimberger from the City of Vienna led the seminar and provided a deeper insight into the basics of AI, its relevance to urban environments and the opportunities and challenges it presents. The seminar highlighted practical examples of AI in Vienna and showed how the city is using the technology to improve services and processes.

The event was a platform for knowledge exchange between AI enthusiasts and experts. The aim was to provide participants, whether newcomers or professionals in the field of AI, with a comprehensive understanding of how AI can contribute to smarter and more sustainable urban living.

We invite you to review the content of the seminar through the downloadable slides now available in our newsroom. These materials are intended for anyone interested in how AI can be integrated into urban management to improve life in the city.

Download the slides to explore Vienna's approach to AI in urban development and gain insights into how cities can become smarter and more efficient. This resource is a valuable tool for city officials, businesses and anyone looking to improve their understanding of the potential of AI in the urban environment.

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