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Since 2021, the Region of Murcia has invested a total of 9,211,482 euros in improving the energy efficiency of public schools in the region. To date, it has acted in 22 schools and institutes for a value of 5.8 million euros and has transferred more than 3.3 million to the municipalities of Murcia and Cartagena to act in 30 other facilities.


Region of Murcia, Spain

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  • This is the balance to date of the Regional Energy Efficiency Plan, which aims to improve the insulation of buildings in order to save on energy bills and increase comfort for students and teachers.
  • The Energy Efficiency Plan to be carried out until 2027 in schools in the Region is co-financed with ERDF funds, and includes works carried out directly by the regional administration and transfers to the municipalities of Murcia and Cartagena to carry out the drafting of the project and the subsequent execution of the works.
  • A total of 1,789,300 euros was allocated to the Murcia City Council for the replacement of roofs and installation of solar panels in 20 schools, and 1,568,000 euros was allocated to the Cartagena City Council for works in 10 schools.
  • In the CEIP Francisco Caparrós de Mazarrón, the roof structure has been replaced, which has a surface area of 2,179 square meters, and 30 solar panels have been installed, which will generate 24,007.58 kWh per year.
  • This improvement of the envelope, together with the incorporation of photovoltaic installations, means energy savings for the center and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of more than 60% in both concepts, the investment in this center amounts to 440,000 euros.