Grow your business across borders with CE3 Funding!


After a careful review, it has been noticed that students hardly consider international activities in their start-up projects. Interreg CE3 - the Crossborder Entrepreneurial Energy Education project - has been established between Germany and the Netherlands with goal of making students of the participating regions, with support from BABLE, aware of cross-border entrepreneurship at an early stage when developing their start-up projects.


If you are a Student enrolled in a University in Baden-Württemberg and are thinking of starting your own business, take this opportunity to develop your start-up idea and expand your world!

In times of home isolation, you might have more time available to think, so use this chance to come up with an innovative idea, to build your prototype, to engage with coaching and to turn your start-up into an international business.


Within the CE3 Interreg project, BABLE has established an open call that provides funding for your start-up activities across borders.


Important information:

- 3 chances to participate in the call: 04.05.2020 until 29.05.2020, 06.07.2020 until 31.07.2020 and 07.09.2020 until 02.10.2020. Within two weeks after the respective call closes, you will be given a decisive answer on whether you will get the funding.

- Amount between € 500 and € 5.000. It's not a loan, you don't have to pay the money back. You just have to show us what you intend spend the money on.

- Your idea/project/start-up must consider Germany and Netherlands crossborder activities.

(Eg. a link with students from Netherlands, or products being bought or sold in the Netherlands). Any project idea or existing start-up younger than 2 years old, run by students from Baden Württemberg, is eligible for funding.


Funding will be granted to (start-up) activities in the following sectors:

  • Life Sciences / Medical / Biotechnology / Healthcare
  • Energy- and environmental technology
  • Logistics
  • Nano- and micro-technology / materials / high-tech materials
  • Agrofood business
  • Creative sector


Are you interested? Fill in a short pre-application form and convince us why you need some extra money. You can do this by either answering the questions about your start-up or project or by uploading a short video, flyer, pitch or presentation.

Within five days we'll get back to you to. If your application meets the criteria, we'll fill in the formal application form together. Do you have further questions? Please contact Ronaldo Valentim or Jana Helder.