The SMCNetZero Project is launching an exclusive series of capacity-building modules, specifically tailored to help small and medium-sized cities (SMCs) achieve their NetZero objectives. This series offers a unique opportunity to connect with a network of European cities, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of best practices in sustainability efforts. Designed to support cities at any stage of their Net Zero journey, the series provides adaptable learning, tools and methodologies.

Modules Overview:
All training modules are free of charge!

  • Step 1: Planning Stage
    5th March 2024​, 10:00 - 12:30 CET | Online
    Strategic module based on Roadmap towards NetZero methodology, working with a cross-sectorial approach.
  • Step 2: Enabling Stage
    10th - 11th April 2024 | On-Site | Copenhagen, Denmark
    Practical stage that works on the key enablers to supporting the development of Net Zero action planning through practical, city focussed knowledge exchange.
    This stage offers an immersive experience through a site visit to Europe’s leading living lab for smart and sustainable city solutions in DOLL, Copenhagen.
  • Step 3: Local Adaptation Stage
    25th April 2024​, 10:00 - 12:30 CET | Online
    Applying learnings in local environments with local examples – operational perspective.

Who Should Participate?
City officials, policymakers, sustainability managers and anyone committed to the Net-Zero emissions goal. 

Why Participate?
This capacity-building series is more than just training; it's a pathway to transforming European cities into leaders of sustainability. By participating, cities will not only gain comprehensive knowledge and practical tools but will also have the opportunity to apply these learnings directly to their unique contexts, enhancing their Net Zero initiatives.

Please remember that all training modules are provided free of charge.

As part of the EU-funded SMCNetZero Project, we are delighted to offer financial support to cover travel and accommodation expenses for SMCs interested in participating in our enabling stage. If your organization needs financial assistance to engage in on-site activities and come to Copenhagen with us, please inform us by detailing the specific reasons in our registration form.

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