Calling all Smart Cities! Are you looking for real-time solutions to tackle climate change? Thinkz is here to help!

At Thinkz, we're offering consultations to smart cities and integrators who are seeking innovative and sustainable ways to transform their communities. Get in touch with an IoT expert here:

With 75% of EU citizens living in cities, Thinkz believes that Smart Cities can make a significant contribution to achieving the EU's goal of climate neutrality as defined by the European Commission. That's why we're excited about the EU's Cities Mission, which aims to deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030.

At Thinkz, we're working on real-time IoT solutions to support cities in their green and digital transformation. Our technology connects IoT devices to a global real-time network, enabling us to provide valuable data to help cities reduce emissions, improve air quality, and more.

If you're a Smart City looking to accelerate your sustainability efforts, contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!  #Thinkz #SmartCities #ClimateAction #GreenTransformation #RealTimeSolutions #IoT #LINKZ #ClimateNeutral #Innovation #Sustainability #CitiesMission #EuropeanGreenDeal