United Kingdom

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) is urging the UK government to enhance its reporting on e-scooter collisions and injuries. The study, “Comparing police and hospital e-scooter datasets,” reveals critical issues: 

  • Under-Recording of Collisions: The study highlights the inadequate reporting of e-scooter collisions, impeding efforts to address safety concerns. Records from the government's e-scooter rental trials cannot be readily matched with official data, creating challenges in building robust safety evidence.
  • Casualty Data Analysis: PACTS investigated the extent of under-recording by analysing late 2021 data. Results indicate that fewer than 10% of e-scooter collision casualties recorded in official data presented to emergency departments, revealing discrepancies.
  • Serious Injuries: Around a quarter of the most serious injuries in e-scooter collisions were recorded by both police and hospitals, emphasising the need for more accurate data collection.


PACTS recommends improving the recording of e-scooter casualties in rental schemes by aligning guidance with police recording systems. Additionally, they suggest increasing opportunities for collecting casualty data by informing the public about reporting road traffic collisions.

Extension of Trials

Margaret Winchcomb, PACTS Deputy Executive Director, calls for utilising the extension of e-scooter rental trials until May 2026 to enhance the recording of injuries from e-scooter collisions.

In Conclusion, PACTS advocated for improved data collection and reporting mechanisms to comprehensively understand and address the safety risks associated with e-scooter usage.

For more information, read the report by PACTS.

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