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The ambitious project "Transforming Bursa into a Smart City" is spearheaded by the Global Future Cities Programme (GFCP), a collaboration between the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. This transformative initiative aligns with Bursa's strategic plan and aims to enhance the city's infrastructure, citizen engagement, and overall quality of life.

  • Location: Bursa, Türkiye

Key Issues:

Global Smart City Trend: Bursa aligns with the global movement toward smart cities, engaging residents in decision-making on urban challenges.

Turkey's Smart City Strategy: Turkey's 11th Development Plan and 2023 National Smart Cities Strategy guide Bursa's initiative, emphasizing the quality of life and technological advancements.

Bursa's Initiative: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality takes a pioneering step by establishing a Smart City and Innovation department, leading to a detailed study in 2019.

Smart City Concept Defined: Defined by the UK and Turkey, a smart city is responsive, technologically advanced, and focused on sustainable urban development.

Main Facts/Points:

Smart City Objectives: Bursa aims to enhance urban services, mobility, and accessibility, creating long-term environmental, economic, and social values.

Strategic Objectives: Goals include addressing traffic congestion, integrating mobility policies with public services, and improving data management for better service delivery.

Holistic Integration: The plan integrates mobility policies with public services, fostering a comprehensive enhancement of municipal services.

Key Statistics and Data:

Initiative Timeline: The Smart City and Innovation department started in September 2019, marking the beginning of Bursa's smart city journey.

Strategic Plans: Turkey's 11th Development Plan and the 2023 National Smart Cities Strategy provide the framework for Bursa's transformation.

Pioneering Effort: Bursa is the first Turkish municipality with a dedicated department for smart city initiatives.

Comprehensive Objectives: The initiative targets mobility improvement, policy integration, and enhanced data management for better service delivery.

  • Client interaction / 8th of January