In order for HVAC equipment in commercial buildings to be operated remotely, a control system is necessary. The control system enables the ability to adjust setpoints, create schedules, analyse performance data for preventative maintenance, and establish custom notifications to alert staff of any temperature or system issues. It is essential for an HVAC plant to operate efficiently that real-time control of HVAC systems is available now more than ever before.

Bunch Tech offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to control and optimize HVAC plant operations, in addition to specialised service and preventive maintenance software. Our smart control system is top-of-the-line, enabling units to operate in harmony, leveraging the unique benefits of each product at its maximum performance, based on the actual demand of the plant.

Bunch Tech's AI-Powered control system intelligently manages heat loads and cooling applications based on the plant's demand, providing users with an effective monitoring tool to assess the plant's conditions. Resulting in providing valuable cost savings and improvements in sustainability for operational efficiency.

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