Event date
30.05.2023 16:00 - 27.06.2023 17:00

Frequently in cities, intersections in urban areas are often associated with accidents and a lack of comfort for all stakeholders. This also applies to traffic light-controlled intersections. Can Dutch concepts be an approach to sustainable and equal traffic management? This is what this course is about.

Length: Four modules within one month

Time frame: 90-120 minutes per module

The online course Bicycle Friendly Intersections from Dutch to the world offers a space to approach the complex topic together with others, generate ideas and make contacts.
The following questions are answered in the course:
How do bicycle friendly intersections fit into networks with all modes of transport?
How can traffic management be used to make intersections safer, more efficient and more bicycle friendly
How do I design a bicycle friendly intersection based on the Dutch model?
How do bicycle friendly intersections affect pedestrian traffic, car traffic and public transport?
The redesign of intersections that are safe for cycling and walking and can be used intuitively is one of the elementary tasks to strengthen local mobility. Many cities have thus taken it upon themselves to review and improve their intersections

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