In 2022, BABLE launched the first national platform with Smart City projects in Switzerland, in collaboration with the SmartCity Alliance, an association of providers from trade and industry, and the Smart City Hub Switzerland, an association of committed cities.

The aim of the platform is to create a comprehensive catalogue of ongoing and already realized Smart City projects in Switzerland and thus to present good examples and to network various partners more easily. The platform is under construction and available in all national languages (German, French, Italian) as well as English.

"Smart City stands for a holistic development concept that intends to make cities and communities more efficient, more ecological and more socially inclusive," concretizes Christian Geiger, President Smart City Hub Switzerland and CDO of St. Gallen.

In Switzerland, there is a growing number of successful smart city initiatives. Today, however, it is difficult to keep track of them all. On the new platform, a wide variety of interested parties can now network online.

Enrico Baumann, board member of the SmartCity Alliance states, "The goal is for the Smart City Compass to become the largest online library in Switzerland, where people can get inspired by the pioneering smart city projects, learn and also network right away."

The collaboration between the SmartCity Alliance and the Smart City Hub is unique in Switzerland. BABLE collects data on smart city initiatives outside of Switzerland, providing a bridge to European markets as well.

"For cities, municipalities and cantons, the use of the platform is and will remain free of charge. Thereby, especially smaller and medium-sized municipalities should get simplified access to innovations, solutions and already learned - information and contacts can be exchanged in a neutral solution-oriented environment," explains Alexander Schmidt, CEO of BABLE. He adds, "The data on the platform is encrypted and securely stored in the EU."

Take a look at the platform here: https://www.swiss-smart-city-compass.com/en/home.html