BABLE SMART CITIES UK LIMITED is officially open for business!  

Over the last four years, we have had the pleasure of working in the UK in a variety of capacities.  Today, we officially announce the opening of our new office in the great city of London!  

To celebrate and to give you more insight into a few of the inspiring projects that are happening in London, we have compiled four Use Cases from London that you may find interesting.  (Thanks to @Carine Hawkins and @Moritz Latour for sharing these with us).  Do you have a Use Case from the UK that you would like to showcase?  Get in touch or easily upload one yourself (upload button in the bottom right corner if you are signed in).  

We are beyond thrilled to be expanding and building upon and driving the Smart City movement happening in the UK.  Not only will we be at the heart of UK innovation, but also close to other innovative projects around the UK, such as those happening in Manchester (@Martine Tommis, @Sophie Sheil) and Aberdeen (@Amye Ferguson). 

To find more information about our opening, you can view our newsletter, fresh off the press.  

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