BABLE GmbH presents to you the first Linkedin Live open dialogue discussion featuring a Use Case from the EIT Urban Mobility Best Practice Database (report to be released).  Click here to join the event on LinkedIn!  

This online event will present an engaging dialogue about a Use Case on the BABLE platform with a city official from Stockholm and their private project partner from Scania CV.
The goal of the event is to showcase the collaboration that is needed between the public and private sectors and to give the opportunity to the audience to ask important questions to our panellists about the project and their cooperation.

- Robin Billsjö is working as an Urban Freight Strategist at the City of Stockholm Transport department. In his work, he regularly interacts with a wide range of both internal and external stakeholders in developing new and innovative solutions to secure accessibility for freight whilst reducing its negative impacts on the climate as well as the local environment. A primary mission is raising the general awareness of the importance of freight transport in a vibrant and sustainable city. Robin has previous experience working within the transport field for both private and public organizations.

- @Jana Helder has a background in technology management with a focus on mobility and renewable energy. At BABLE, her focus is on developing neutral solutions that explain and implement technologies and possible projects in the Smart City market. She is one of the authors of the EIT Urban Mobility Best Practice Database report.

- Magnus Blinge is a Research Manager in the area of Transport Systems Solutions at the Innovation Office at Scania CV with a focus on Urban Logistics. He also holds a position as Adjunct Professor in Sustainable Logistics at Linköping University, Sweden. Magnus has worked in collaborative research and innovation projects in the field of sustainable freight transport solutions for more than 25 years in academia, at a governmental agency (Vinnova) and in the private sector.

Read the Use Case ahead of time here (log-in or sign-up for free to see the complete Use Case).

Please feel free to invite colleagues and those that may be interested. There will be many opportunities for audience engagement and for you to ask questions. See you all there!