REPORT available for download: Cities of all sizes are currently focused on their decarbonisation goals, in alignment with the broader EU aim to be climate-neutral by 2050. Over 70% of EU citizens live in urban areas that generate 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions (Source: European Commission). With transport emissions comprising approximately 25% of the total EU greenhouse gas emissions (Source: European Environment Agency), innovations in urban mobility are vital to achieving this vision. Cities need to be implementing mobility services and technologies that address the most pressing challenges and barriers, such as air pollution, congestion, accessibility, urban road safety and more.

The BABLE Innovative Mobility Spotlight - 1st edition (published January 2024) highlights ten best practice Use Cases from around Europe that represent the future of innovative, sustainable urban mobility. 

Click to access this report to learn more about how these activities are changing the urban mobility landscapes for the better in their communities and beyond.

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