An early dialogue between different stakeholders can significantly ease the implementation of Smart City projects. Through the BABLE Future Sessions we provide a space to have such dialogues in a open way  - without any obligations – and with the option to find future partners and ideas.

In each session a city presents a vision, a challenge or a plan which then will be discussed with all paricipants - different actors involved in innovative urban projects, such local governments, companies, researchers, etc.

During the Smart City Solutions Expo in September in Stuttgart on the 19th of September, there will be two BABLE Future Sessions organised in cooperation with the city of Waiblingen.

1) Decreasing commuting traffic: The role of Workhubs

2) E-Government: Easing Public & Corperate Service? (using the example of service-bw)

The sessions of approximatley 90 minutes will take place in the Regio Lounge at Messe Stuttgart. To ensure an open and direct communication, the number of participants per session is limited to 15.

If you would like to join a session or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!