Malaga, Spain

Main issues must be clearly stated

The City Council of Malaga has presented the progress in the installation of the new electric bus charging center in the new depot of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) located in Paquiro street. Currently, the first 20 chargers are being installed (a figure that matches the number of electric buses circulating in the city), which will be expanded to 40 over the next year as the planned new electric buses are gradually incorporated.


Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

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  • The contract for the new electric bus recharging infrastructure in Malaga was awarded last February to the company Endesa X for a total amount of 5,981,384.66 euros (VAT not included). The project has been subsidized by European Next Generation funds for 90% of the investment.
  • In the first phase, 40 electric chargers will be deployed. The project also includes the installation of a switching and metering center, four transformer stations and the medium and low voltage electrical infrastructure that will supply the chargers. The total power will be 7.2 MW, i.e. 40 chargers of 180 kW. The chargers have two charging modes, one manual by means of a hose connected to the vehicle and the other, which will be implemented shortly, fully automated by means of an inverted pantograph.
  • The switching and metering center, one of the transformation centers and the first units of the 20 chargers that will soon be equipped with a pantograph are already installed. These overnight charging stations in the garage will allow the full capacity of the vehicle batteries to be charged in an estimated time of less than 4 hours.
  • The project also includes an advanced charging control and management system to optimize the energy consumption of each vehicle according to certain variables, such as the route of the assigned line, time of entry into service, service duration and initial battery charge.
  • With the purchase and installation of these first 40 chargers, the Malaga City Council aims to consolidate the beginning of a total transformation of the fleet, with the commitment that by 2030 Malaga's public transport will be fully environmentally friendly.
  • At present, the EMT of Malaga has 49 hybrid and 20 electric buses, and plans to start the tender for the acquisition of 13 new 100% electric vehicles of 9.5 meters, whose procurement will include the possibility of extending to five more units of the same type. Similarly, in the coming months, seven more 12-meter standard electric buses and 30 hybrid megabuses will be purchased in batches of ten units.
  • The renewal of the bus fleet towards a zero-emission fleet implies an investment in the infrastructures that will allow the vehicles to be charged in order to put them into operation .