12530 Burriana, Spain


The City Council of Burriana (Castellón) has announced that the municipality will have nine intelligent crosswalks that will increase road safety with the installation of a system of luminous plaques in urban traffic lights.

This is a project of the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI), co-financed by the European ERDF fund under the Sustainable Growth Operational Program.


  • The supply and installation of intelligent crosswalks in Burriana, with a base budget of 110,000 euros, covers nine locations where a total of 114 lighting plates will be placed. The tender is currently in the evaluation phase.
  • The installation consists of the installation of the luminous plaques, one at each end of the white line of the zebra crossing; and two vertical luminous signs with sensorization systems. The intelligent devices, which have an LED lighting system, detect when a person is about to cross the street and light up to give greater visibility and warn drivers. When the pedestrian finishes crossing, they turn off.
  • This action reinforces the current methods of road signaling for greater safety in pedestrian travel and, at the same time, boosts the development of Burriana as a smart city.
  • For the distribution of the smart crosswalks in Burriana, the consistory has considered the needs in terms of safety and comfort for their use. Thus, two of them, with two luminous plaques each, are planned to be located in the main street.
  • Two others, with ten luminous plaques each, will be installed in Plaza El Pla; an additional one with 16 plaques in Plaza la Mercé, two with 12 plaques each in Plaza Generalitat and the last two with 18 plaques each in Avenida Vicent Enrique Tarancón.