Antwerp, Belgium

Market Fact

The Oosterweel Link project addresses the chronic mobility challenges in Antwerp. Key issues include traffic congestion, road safety, and the need for sustainable transportation options.

  • Location: Antwerp

Main Facts/Points:

  • The project involves constructing a new road and tunnels to connect the left and right banks of the Scheldt.
  • It aims to reduce traffic pressure on the ring road and improve road safety.
  • The initiative includes developing sustainable mobility solutions like cycle paths and better public transport facilities.
  • Enhancements to the quality of life through green spaces and improved urban connectivity are also a focus.

Key Statistics and Data:

  • Construction of additional Scheldt crossing.
  • Creation of new cycle paths, bridges, and tunnels.
  • Development of new districts and recreational areas.
  • Expected completion year: 2030.

https://www.bbf.be/news/antwerps-improving-mobility-oosterweel-link/ 31th of January