Celebrating Innovation: Announcing the Winners of Thinkz & BABLE Smart Cities Contest 

We embarked on an exciting journey with BABLE to unearth revolutionary use cases leveraging our real-time IoT network, inviting entries from across the globe. Today, we're thrilled to announce the cities that stood out with their unique and sustainable solutions.

- In 1st place, we have Southampton City Council United Kingdom
Real-Time Clean Air Routing

Following the path of London Westminster City Council they're implementing our 'Clean Air Routing' use case. This ingenious solution, especially beneficial for school-going children, offers real-time air quality data, suggesting the most environmentally friendly routes for walking and cycling.
Kudos to Amber Titchener, whose proactive involvement won Southampton City Council this valuable service from Thinkz

- Our 2nd place goes to Ajuntament Sant Feliu de Llobregat Spain
Real-Time Quiet Routing

They've centered their use case on 'Real-Time Quiet Routing,' armed with IoT devices to detect noise and provide residents with the quietest routes possible. This creative approach to enhancing citizens' well-being has earned them a generous consolation prize for implementing the solution. Thanks to Manuel Gonzalez Maya for his proactive participation.

- 3rd spot with their innovative use case for Nicosia municipality, Cyprus
Real-Time Recycle Bin.

By informing citizens of available recycling bins in real-time, Nicosia fosters responsible waste disposal and a greener city. The city secured this spot and a generous consolation prize for implementing the solution thanks to Nadia Lortzie's commendable efforts.

We're excited about these cities' strides toward an ecofriendly, sustainable, and healthier urbanfuture. A big thank you to all participating smartcities and to BABLE Smart Cities for their invaluable support. Miguel MóscaTamlyn ShimizuJeanne TallonGregory O'Connor.

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