Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Market Fact

Amsterdam addresses noise pollution from road vehicles through a pilot program using digital signs.

Location: Amsterdam

Technology Concept: The initiative adopts a concept similar to digital speed displays but focuses on noise levels.
Functionality: When passing vehicles exceed 83 decibels, a connected digital sign displays the message 'Too loud.'
Trial Scope: The digital signage trial is running in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
Enforcement Approach: In Amsterdam, the trial aims to raise awareness and change behavior without imposing fines.
Rotterdam's Approach: In Rotterdam, microphones collect data, and warnings on signs inform motorists of a €280 fine for breaching noise levels.
Research Findings: Amsterdam’s Public Health Service identifies motorcycles as the primary noise polluters, affecting 19 percent of adult residents.
Trial Locations: Amsterdam's trial is underway at Stadhouderskade and Molenaarsweg, with additional sites planned. Rotterdam is implementing the trial at four locations.

Key Statistics and Data:

Noise Threshold: The digital sign activates when passing vehicles generate noise above 83 decibels.
Fine Amount: Rotterdam enforces noise limits with fines of €280 for violators.
Noise Pollution Impact: Research reveals that motorcycles are the biggest source of noise pollution in Amsterdam, affecting 19 percent of adult residents.