Éire / Ireland

Ireland is grappling with a significant energy challenge as data centres consume nearly one-third of the country's energy supply, and this issue has been brought to the forefront with Amazon's approval to construct three more data centres in Dublin. These facilities, expected to carry a combined power load of 73 megawatts, are poised to exacerbate the environmental and energy concerns associated with the data centre industry. Critics emphasize that while data centres are vital in today's digital age, the current trajectory is unsustainable, pushing Ireland well beyond the European average for data centre energy consumption.

Oisín Coughlan, Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Ireland, has raised alarm bells about this issue. The data centre growth poses challenges not only to energy security but also to Ireland's climate commitments, as it threatens to lock the country into fossil fuel dependency. It is imperative that the government reevaluates its approach and balances the need for data centres with the goal of achieving sustainable and environmentally responsible energy usage.

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