8000 Aarhus Kommune, Aarhus, Danmark

Market Fact

  • In Aarhus, Denmark, the implementation of FleetOptimiser, an AI tool, has demonstrated significant success in optimizing the city's car fleet, particularly in the home care sector. Through meticulous analysis, FleetOptimiser identified the potential for a 30% reduction in the existing fleet, equating to 13 cars out of a total of 43, without necessitating changes to established driving patterns.
  • Location: Aarhus
  • This reduction was seamlessly integrated into a new leasing agreement, projecting substantial environmental benefits. Over the next five years, Aarhus anticipates a noteworthy decrease in its carbon footprint, amounting to 49.4 tons of CO2 savings.
    FleetOptimiser's capabilities extend beyond mere fleet reduction; it showcases versatility by estimating the ideal mix of bicycles, electric cars, and fossil-fuel cars. Aarhus City is actively collaborating with other Danish municipalities to further enhance the AI tool's functionality. The collaborative efforts aim to extend FleetOptimiser's utility to estimate optimal transportation mixes and promote fleet sharing across internal organizational units, fostering a more sustainable and efficient approach to municipal transportation.