The European Commission has published the EU Mobility Transition Pathway, an actionable plan to drive the green and digital transformation of the mobility industrial ecosystem. This roadmap outlines the challenges, opportunities and actions required to enhance the ecosystem's resilience and align with the updated EU industrial strategy.

Key points:

  • The plan has been co-created with national and regional authorities, industry stakeholders, NGOs, and interested parties. 
  • The mobility industry ecosystem encompasses the entire automotive, rail, waterborne and cycling value chains, along with related services. This sector employs 17.6 million people and contributes approximately €1.2 trillion to the EU GDP (7.6% of EU total GDP).
  • Stakeholders are expected to make pledges to enact the identified actions, marking the start of the co-implementation process.
  • The European Commission will establish a Transition Pathway Stakeholder Support Platform to facilitate and monitor the transformation process.

Upcoming Event: interested stakeholders can learn more about the report during an event in Brussels on 29th February 2024. Please find more details here

For more information, please visit the Mobility transition pathway webpage.

Source of information: https://single-market-economy.ec.europa.eu/news/transition-pathway-green-digital-and-resilient-eu-mobility-industrial-ecosystem-2024-01-29_en (Published 29 January 2024).