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The website of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has published the final resolution of the first call for grants of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) for the Digitalization of the Water Cycle. In total, 200 million euros will be allocated to 30 projects.

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  • Following the review of the allegations and the reformulations carried out after the publication of the provisional resolution, the final list has been announced with a total of 30 projects with an aid ranging between 3.3 and 7.9 million euros each.
  • The average funding percentage is more than 64% of the budget, reaching values of up to 84%.
  • The subsidies will benefit 1,676 municipalities in 16 autonomous communities with a population of 14,742,016 inhabitants, with water management projects in both large cities and small rural municipalities.
  • The beneficiaries are public administrations and operators of urban water supply, sanitation and treatment services of various types.
  • The projects, selected on a competitive basis, stand out for their high technical quality, the comprehensive treatment of the urban water cycle and the commitment to digital transformation and transparency, contributing to the objectives of PERTE.
  • They will enable improved efficiency in the use and management of water in Spain through real-time sensorization of catchments in the public water domain (DPH), control of consumption through the implementation of smart meters, reduction of water losses, real-time control of wastewater treatment plants and discharges to the DPH, the creation of digital twins and mathematical modeling of hydraulic networks and systems, and the implementation of platforms that integrate the entire water cycle and support sustainable water resource management and transparency. They also include action plans for drought and floods.
  • For its part, the second call for PERTE grants for the Digitalization of the Water Cycle, with a budget of 200 million euros, will remain open until December 13. Subsidies will range from 500,000 euros to 10 million euros per project.
  • Work is also being carried out on other PERTE lines of action. So far, more than 750 million euros are already being mobilized in different phases of processing, which will be added to the calls for proposals foreseen in the addendum to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.