7/01/2023 - CASTELLÓ. The City Council of Onda has initiated the path that will lead to the decarbonization of public buildings in 2030. To achieve the goal it will promote partnerships with other actors in the local public and private ecosystem, joining efforts to promote sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

In addition to the goal of zero emissions in municipal buildings, the Consistory wants to work together with the companies in the ceramics cluster and with citizens to make their daily activities greener and as positive as possible for the environment.

The project has received funding from the Scalable Cities Action Grant program, promoted by the European Commission. The objective of the grants is to promote the continuity, knowledge transfer and replication of innovative approaches and solutions of Smart Cities and Communities projects. The project, designed together with BABLE Smart Cities, aims to create and implement a governance model that facilitates the dynamics of Onda's current and future partnerships and accelerates the decarbonization of the municipality. This action will work on the evaluation and search for appropriate governance mechanisms and structures for long-term transformation.

In this regard, the Deputy Mayor for Innovation, Vicent Bou, said, "Promoting synergies with other public and private actors is essential to reach zero CO2 emissions." "We have to be aware that we need to row all together to achieve climate neutrality," he said.

Smart City

Onda's smart city strategy is one of its most ambitious and sustainability-focused projects. Its actions and innovative solutions have led the municipality to explain its model in various forums such as Innpulso Emprende, where the smart irrigation system that saves up to 30% of water and energy was presented.