BABLE Smart Cities was mentioned in the Open Letter by the President of IN-MOVE by Railgrup. Scroll down to read the Open Letter in detail. Birthdays have something magical. They are an optimal time to take stock and, at the same time, to plan and promote new projects. And at this point is the cluster. We celebrate 20 years of life. And only by looking back can we be able to properly assess everything we have built and everything we can face from now on.

Railgrup was born in 2002 with the aim of reinforcing the competitiveness of the industry and the railway sector. The first kilometres of our journey was not easy. Only the founding companies are aware of the initial difficulties in promoting an organization without previous references in Spain and with very ambitious objectives.

But time showed that the proposal made all the sense in the world. The formula of "cooperate more to compete better" was penetrating among the companies in the sector, and the activities and services of the cluster were expanded to meet the growing needs of the increasingly numerous associates.

In addition, Railgrup always showed an indisputable ability to anticipate and adapt to new scenarios. Thus, in 2012 the new management of the cluster was already betting on Smart Mobility as the axis of strategic action when it was still more theoretical than a practical concept.

This ability to interpret future scenarios and to design services to attend to them has allowed the cluster to become an essential resource for uncertain times, such as those experienced during the 2008 crisis or during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is no coincidence that in these times of uncertainty the cluster has grown more than ever in terms of associates and services.

And it is no coincidence that last year Railgrup decided to expand its perimeter of action and embrace the entire value chain of the multimodal mobility and logistics sector. The train is an extraordinary means of transport: sustainable, fast and safe. But if it is not complemented by other means, it loses much of its appeal for the transport of people and goods. Hardly anyone lives in front of one station and goes right in front of another. That is why the train needs to see the rest of the media as allies and not as competitors.

In-move was born precisely to cover this new dimension of the sector that we have baptized as liveable mobility , that is, the mobility that makes our lives easier.

Obviously, a strategic change of this magnitude could not be considered without a battery of associated services for the members of the cluster. For this reason we are promoting new services that will facilitate the interrelationship between all partners in a value chain that is getting longer, richer and also more complex.

In this sense, I would like to highlight services such as In-move Academy (highly specialized training); Speed ​​B2B (fast networking integrated in our big events); technological scouting (detection of new tools); national and international tender alerts; Bable Smart Cities (publication of success stories on Europe's benchmark platform for innovation); diffusion and direct marketing between associates, and many more.

They are just the appetizer of this exciting new stage that opens before our eyes. Some new challenges that we will be able to face and overcome thanks to the experience, the work and, why not, the audacity applied in these 20 years.

Thanks for being there. Thank you for moving with us.

Enric Tico

President of IN-MOVE by Railgrup