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About Us

What We Do

We constantly drive the change for a better urban life. We build a smart and connected platform that gives cities and companies a unique set of information for facilitating change.

We create automated services that simplify. We offer advisory that guides transition. Big or small, profit or nonprofit, we approach everything we do with scientific accuracy and a hunger to solve problems in urban areas.

What We Believe

The main purpose of BABLE is to support the sustainable development of cities in Europe and beyond. We want to create liveable, future proof and sustainable cities based on innovation and collaboration

  • We strive towards a carbon free future

  • We aim to increase efficiency in resource consumption

  • We build on data, connectivity and the IoT

  • We aim for processes that benefit the best solutions not the loudest or cheapest actors

  • We strive to provide future-proof solutions for sustainable cities

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Our Story

Through more than 8 years of research at the Fraunhofer IAO in various projects (e.g. Morgenstadt) evolved one big challenge:

How will all those great ideas form the best innovators in cities and companies all over the world implemented in a sustainable way?

Smart City technologies and connected solutions represent a large potential for creating sustainable environments, efficient municipal services and increasing life quality in our cities. Intelligent solutions that connect a range of technologies for a larger benefit not only have the potential to drastically increase efficiency and reduce emissions, they also produce a range of additional benefits for many different actors.

  • We work as a Fraunhofer Spin-Off that upholds scientific excellence and neutrality.

  • We strive to deliver cutting-edge innovations to cities

  • We help overcome the barriers to implement innovations for cities.

  • We bring connected technologies & services into cities

  • We connect cities and companies (private sector) in a community of friends and partners

  • We help companies to understand how their products match urban demands

  • We help our customers to innovate and create new solutions for cities

  • We accelerate the market

  • We reduce transaction costs for cities & companies

  • We moderate the links and processes between cities (public) and companies (private)

Alanus - governance expert for smart cities - and Alex engineer for mobility systems decided to take up this challenge. During one of the many research trips (more than 50 cities and 100 companies) all over Europe and the world - one evening after work - the idea of the Platform was born.

"I will not forget that feeling of frustration when we created solutions and the implementation failed. That motivates me now to work harder to reach our goal of implementation and replication of successful solutions"

Alanus von Radecki

Alanus von Radecki

What’s the Idea? Use cases and solutions should be simplified. All parties on the market (Cities and companies) shall become so interconnected that it feels natural. And whoever wants to implement “smart and sustainable solutions”should get the chance for guidance in the transition process.

The two founders started to collect Ideas for the realisation. Quickly they realised that it is almost not possible to do it alone. The market is intransparent and huge. The technological challenges of building a user centered platform are tremendous. The analysis of solutions and best practices is challenging. So they joined forces with Jana and shortly later with Nikita.
The first Team was born.

“In the first year we fell a lot but got up again and again. Every time we learned more.I would never regret it even if I pick up more scratches. … I played ice hockey when i was younger so I’m used to it.”

Alexander Schmidt

Alexander Schmidt

In sprints they created the theoretical backbone and started with the first prototypes. It was a fragment of what you can experience today. But it worked out good. So more people [link Team] joined to broaden the expertise in products, IT, Design, Branding, Advisory and Sales. All to constantly drive the change for a better platform.

Today more than 12 people work hard on the vision of a better urban life.

“In the first year we fell a lot but got up again and again. Every time we learned more.I would never regret it even if I pick up more scratches. … I played ice hockey when i was younger so I’m used to it.”

Alanus & Alexander