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Challenge / Goal

In Barcelona and other municipalities of Catalonia, several measures have been implemented in order to promote e-mobility and facilitate a growth of Electric Vehicle usage in the region. Within the GrowSmarter project, Endesa Energía has installed five fast charging stations for Electric Vehicles in Barcelna to achieve this goal. However, charging batteries for a rapidly expanding fleet of electric vehicles will soon become a major challenge for our grids due to limited grid capacity.

Leveraging electric vehicle storage could help balance demand and supply, thereby increasing overall asset efficiency.These features can be achieved through efficient and smart bidirectional systems.The Endesa Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) system allows for bidirectional energy flow and vehicle-to-grid connection which allows the electric vehicle to be efficiently charged and discharged while connected to the electric grid.This can increase the renewable energy penetration, energy storage, grid flexibility and facilitate energy management optimization.


Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) applications has focused on the combination of Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) services with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) renewable energy generation in buildings. An energy management system optimizes the operation of V2G chargers, PV module and energy storage by communicating in real time and sending set points to the controllable elements.

In Barcelona, Endesa has installed six V2X Endesa chargers in an Endesa Building with Distributed Energy Resources (DER) including a PV Plant, a storage system, chargers (normal, fast and V2X) and a Demand Management System (DMS). The V2X bidirectiona Endesa charger uses CHAdeMO protocol. It is designed to provide energy to the vehicle, the grid or to a house using different grid applications such as Time shift, Power balancing and Power quality support.

The Endesa V2X system allows for bidirectional energy flow and vehicle-to-grid connection which allows the electric vehicle to be efficiently charged and discharged while connected to the electric grid. It is used to charge and discharge equipment with10kW Direct current (DC) power. Once connected to the V2G Endesa System, an electric vehicle can operate like a generator on wheels, powering a house in a blackout or feeding electricity to the grid. This bidirectional charger has the capability to both charge the EV battery pack and to return energy back to the grid in accordance with regulations and user rules.

With the V2X Endesa charger customers may store energy in their vehicle and use it later. The equipment can be managed remotely and integrated into e-mobility or in-house control systems depending on the context and the business model used. These features make the V2X Endesa charger a suitable product for any environment.



Bidirectional charging for Electric Vehicles

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    Main benefits

  • Promoting sustainable private transport models

  • Increasing share of renewables

  • Improving energy usage efficiency

  • Reducing use of fossils

  • Reducing local air pollution

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