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Challenge / Goal

San Sebastián faces the twin challenges of urban congestion and achieving environmental sustainability, with the goals of reducing CO2 emissions and improving urban mobility. The city aims to optimise its transportation systems, enhance public services and promote eco-friendly practices among its citizens, all while maintaining a high standard of living and minimising the carbon footprint.


Thinkz's Real-Time Services address these challenges head-on by leveraging IoT technology and AI-driven insights across various domains:

  • Real-time Roads and Streets Crowdedness Monitoring reduce traffic congestion by providing alternative routes.
  • Real-time Local Markets and Public Building Crowdedness Monitoring enhance public space usage, improving safety and comfort.
  • Real-time Parking Availability guides drivers to open parking spots, reducing unnecessary driving.
  • Real-time Air Quality Routing encourages healthier travel paths.
  • Real-time Shared Bicycle Availability promotes the use of eco-friendly transport options.
  • Real-time Local Businesses Open/Close Status & Promotions supports the local economy and encourages sustainable consumption patterns.

Citizen participation

Citizens and tourists play a crucial role in this smart city transformation. By engaging with Thinkz's platform, they can make informed decisions about their daily travel, shopping and recreational activities. Real-time access to information empowers them to choose less crowded routes, support local businesses and participate in the city's sustainability efforts. The collective action of individuals, guided by accurate, real-time data, significantly contributes to achieving San Sebastián's environmental goals and enhancing the overall urban experience.

Through the implementation of Thinkz's Real-Time Services, San Sebastián is set to become a model for smart, sustainable cities worldwide, showcasing how technology and citizen participation can together forge a greener, more efficient and more enjoyable urban future.


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months



Service providers


End users

Citizens, tourists, municipalities,

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