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Challenge / Goal

The measure Transfer is an environmental education project which aims to empower young and elderly citizens to make environmentally conscious decisions related to their own mobility patterns. The main objective is to enable senior citizens to organise their daily mobility with the help of modern communication devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones. This is achieved through workshops in which teenagers pass on their competencies with ICT devices to the older generation. Both groups, teenagers and seniors, will acquire knowledge of sustainable travel options and will be motivated to use environmentally friendly means of transportation. The overall goal is a reduction of traffic and CO2 emissions in urban areas.


This measure is implemented by Green City e.V. Schoolgirls and boys aged between 13 and 17 who teach senior citizens how to use web-based applications for organising their daily mobility. These web-based applications include public transport planning tools, shared mobility services as well as walking and cycling route planning tools. To equip the teenagers with the necessary skills, an educational specialised staff of Green City e.V trains them in technologies and devices for mobility planning and their use in up to four workshops. The training covers the use of applications on smartphones and tablets, using the internet in general and mobility planning services in particular.

The first training session goes into detail on important skills when interacting with elderly citizens. This includes practical exercises with an old age suit that help the teenagers to put themselves into the seniors’ shoes and to fully understand their limitations and needs. Following the training, the teenagers are equipped to pass on their knowledge. In a series of workshops, they assume the role of teachers and support seniors’ in familiarising themselves with modern information technology and the ways in which it can support them in planning their day to day mobility needs. In these workshops, the teenagers take on full responsibility for the seniors’ learning experience. Both the teenagers and the seniors receive incentives to use alternative mobility solutions since the benefits of applications and web pages that make it easy to plan trips with public transport are highlighted.


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Time period

Implementation time: 6 months to 1 year

    Main benefits

  • Improving elderly care

  • Promoting sustainable behavior

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