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Challenge / Goal

The volume of traffic caused by delivery services has increased rapidly with the success of e-commerce. Especially in dense inner city areas, conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists, cars, other road users and delivery services are growing and even result in dangerous situations. On the other hand, the accessibility of inner city locations is becoming more and more limited for cars and trucks. As a result, goods deliveries by (cargo) bike offers great potential to keep the city accessible for freight transport and to improve road safety. Compared to ordinary bicycles, cargo bikes have a higher load capacity and enable bundling of deliveries.

The overall objective of this measure is to find a feasible solution to reduce the delivery of goods by cars and trucks in the city centre, as far as economically feasible, without lowering the quality of delivery services.


To extend the use of cargo bikes, a flexible storage system is installed that serves as an interface where cargo can be handed over from cars to cargo bikes, and vice versa. Due to space limitations in the inner city, a system of flexible boxes is used to help the delivery services to continuously optimise their operations.

In this Use Case, the plan is to test out several kinds of boxes and logistic systems in cooperation with delivery companies. This includes the installation of three boxes for temporary storage of parcels. Boxes are located at the boundaries of the city centre. Initially, the system is tested by the local partner RAPID Kurierdienste KG, who offers delivery by car and (cargo) bicycles. Implementing this storage system close to the city centre allows RAPID to shift from car to cargo bicycle delivery, on a step-by-step basis. The service provider thus gains operational experience with this new logistics system. Additional logistic companies are also sought to use the flexible storage boxes and obtain a shift to cargo bike delivery within Munich’s city centre.


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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: 6 months to 1 year


The City of Munich

Service providers

RAPID Kurierdienste KG

End users

Logistics and Delivery Companies

    Main benefits

  • Improving traffic management

  • Reducing delivery traffic

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