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Challenge / Goal

It is impossible for a city with hundreds of km of roads to know exactly where and when problems happen. Thats why all cities have communication channels for complaints and strong complaint management systems. Bagcilar Municipality, however, wanted to go one step further.

Instead of managing complaints, cities can manage the source of complaints, preventing what will become an insurmountable number. In this case, we are talking about potholes, hundreds of them everywhere in every city. Millions are spent to fix them, yet a major part of regular complaints are always on potholes, because asphalt is continually damaged via rain, snow and heavy traffic. This city wanted to get ahead of complaints by knowing exactly what was happening and where, with a map of road damage, allowing for its continual preventive maintenance. In order to do this they needed two solutions, road damage data of all roads and a system to manage the data, turning it into operations.


With the help of ROAN units, the city of Bagcilar regularly scans their roads, generating data continually on where it is damaged, when and what the priority of that damage is. ROAN, being an IoT road damage analyser, automatically sends information daily to the cloud, this data is then used to provide dispatch maintenance teams with daily tasks. Closing every pothole as they are found. This of course results in a decrease of complaints and a much lower maintenance costs due to very few potholes emerging after the previous ones are dealt with.

Citizen participation

Citizens were kept informed throughout the process through the mayor's public releases.


Save money through preventive maintenance

Transport persons on safer roads

Manage teams by automated reports

Decrease greenhouse gases through a decrease in asphalt usage

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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months



Service providers

Seyisco Smart Cities

End users

Bağcılar Municipality

    Main benefits

  • Reducing operation costs

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