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Challenge / Goal

Digital society and technology have changed the daily life of citizens. Cities have to face the growing demand of mobile connectivity due to the large increase of personal smart devices, IoT services or massive broadband mobile connections at anytime and any place. Quick access to any information has become a must-have, and not only for citizens. 

City authorities also need access to real time, updated and accurate information about what is happening in the city in order to take the most convenient decisions. For this, a wide network of sensors and actuators should be deployed around the city to monitor and control the city. In addition, small micro-sites have to be deployed in the city to support hyper-connected spaces and massive mobile connectivity. The Smart Tower is a smart solution that provides enhanced wireless access networks. The aim is to support the growing demand of mobile connectivity in the city for broadband mobile connections, IoT services, etc.


'Smart Towers' solution offers hyper-connected spaces in the city by transforming urban furniture, mainly lamp-posts. On the one hand, the solution brings together lighting lamps with sensors for monitoring the city, as well as antennas and access points that provide wireless connectivity services for mobile networks. On the other hand, Smart Towers are linked to the Fiber Optic Backbone network in order to grant wide broadband wireless connectivity services.

Smart Towers could be either deployed following a new lamp post design or by adding a plug-in set that provides new functionalities to the traditional lamp posts. Having these two options facilitates the selection of the most suitable type of SmartTower which can then be made according to the functional requirements of the equipment and its final location (street, park, shopping centre, etc).


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End users

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    Main benefits

  • Improving life quality

  • Improved broadband access

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