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Challenge / Goal

To make the smart region of Strijp-S even smarter, the Use Case addresses some of the important questions in Smart City Real Time Data integration. How to connect all sensors and actors in the urban environment, when it is still unknown what sensors and actors need to be connected? Can we use Sound and visual information, to control the street lights? Can we increase quality of life, safety and environment by connecting sensors? Can we reduce system integration times? Can we provide open data and open algorithms, without concessions to privacy or security? 


The living lab in Strijp-S Eindhoven is connected via this platform. The platform is designed to be open and transparent, without compromising privacy or security and respecting data-ownership. Integration can be done in matters of minutes and the platform is setup to be limitless scalable. Each data, sensor or actor owner decides on the terms and conditions of data availability. The initial phase was used as proof of concept for system integration, neighbourhood watch, traffic control, smart-parking and entertainment.
The platform is self supporting and does not require additional infrastructure. The current cloud solution is capable of serving multiple cities.
all available real-time data can be shared via the data-platform if the data owner decides this is applicable for the data. We were positivly suprised by the interest of citzens and sensor suppliers. 
Technical Specifications of the system: 

  • Ready to work with Fiware
  • Open source building blocks
  • Technical support is availble within 24 hours
  • Uptime is currently 100% and is 99,9% guaranteed.

Citizen participation

Civilians in the area have been informed about the platform and the benefits of using it. They are already requesting additional data



Combine data-sets and data types with respect to privacy, security and ownership

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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months

    Main benefits

  • Improved data accessibility

  • Increased data transparency

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