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Challenge / Goal

The municipality of Eindhoven has an ambitious vision to be in the forefront of Smart City Developments, enabling improved life quality using technology and data. The city hence aimed at overhauling the city centre with intelligent infrastructure which can bring together the information signs, signing, antennas, cameras, advertising areas and video screens.


The Smart and Intelligent Street Kiosk is an open software platform which enables city function as a service. The platform, called CityBeacon, is an attractive, multi-functional and intelligent street furniture. Citybeacons unify connectivity, security, and information exchange both online and offline. The user interface is a public iPad for citizens on the street. The system only needs power.The Smart and Intelligent Street Kiosk is a single open smart city platform that connects the city, citizens, tourists and local businesses. It works as a City App store which enables functions (e.g. parking) and the exchange of information exchange between these entities.

Citybeacons form a connected smart infotainment grid throughout the cities connecting people and information providers in a simple but advanced way. It provides relevant contextual content and drive interaction, bringing people and city closer together.
As the platform is tiered, contextual relevance of information is high and responses measurable.

Citizen participation

Street Interviews, work with Eindhoven tourist office, city Wi-Fi department, visually impaired citizens


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Time period

Planning time: 6 months to 1 year

Implementation time: 6 months to 1 year

    Main benefits

  • Facilitating citizen engagement

  • Encouraging digital entrepreneurship

  • Enhanced data collection

  • Improved data accessibility

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