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Challenge / Goal


  1. Improve and innovate the live performance of a show, in a context of repetitive and exhausted scenic models.
  2. To incorporate artificial intelligence tools in the cultural context to promote innovation, competitiveness and differentiation.
  3. Incorporate different artificial intelligence tools in a show:
    • AI applied to automation and sound optimization.
    • AI applied to lighting automation and optimization.
    • AI applied to the generation of theatrical content.
    • AI applied to the automation of show promotion.


To be the first statewide show for all audiences that fuses live artificial intelligence (AI), rock music and much more. The concert integrates AI into the storyline, from hyper-realistic avatars, to AI-programmed voice assistants including the famous ChatGPT. The show is highlighted by synchronized live 3D human holograms, live painting creation and a mobile App to participate in the painting raffle at the end of the show. In addition, the show integrates stunning video projections, interviews, video stories and monologues. In short, it is a technological musical show that aims to educate and reflect the viewer on the construction of the individual and collective future.

  1. To be the first national show with a futuristic theme that incorporates Artificial Intelligence as a main element both in the script of the work and in the generation of its content.
  2. To be the first national show to convey through culture abstract aspects of our daily life based mainly on artificial intelligence and also on new technologies and the digitalization of society.
  3. Promote pedagogy and reflective action of the spectator on the construction of the individual and collective future.
  4. Apply live different synchronized technologies, mobile application, generative artificial intelligence, 3D hologram projections, Metaverse and streaming.
  5. Consolidate and evolve the concept and format "Pseudomusical" in the context of the performing arts, establishing itself as a new innovative option in the proposals of live events.


It is considered the first national show with a futuristic theme that incorporates artificial intelligence as a main element both in the script of the play and in its content. We have used tools of "artificial protointelligence" and generative Artificial Intelligence.

  • Ars Magna: For the creation of music and melodies the "Ars Magna" was used, a machine designed by Ramón Llull in 1315 with the idea of automating logical demonstrations and theories. It is thus considered the first attempt at automation in history, a concept of automation that is closely shared by today's artificial intelligence.
  • Google assistant and Alexa: These assistants have been used for the generation of audio from text and later projection of videos of the intervention of these within the show.
  • Synthesi.a: This AI platform has been used to generate synthetic human avatar videos for the incorporation of these in videos and for the 3D human holograms that are projected in the show.
  • ChatGPT, Dall.e2 and Midjourney: These generative AIs have been used to create image content and videos that are projected in the show.

Citizen participation

The public has the option to participate in the show through a mobile App. The App is downloaded before the start of the show, it will allow attendees to participate in the drawing for a painting that the artist will paint during the show. At the end of the show, the canvas will be raffled among the spectators who use the app. In addition, the spectator will be able to follow the lyrics of the songs live and digitally share their experience and interact with the information available.


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Time period

Planning time: 1 to 2 years

Implementation time: Less than 6 months



Service providers

cultural managers in each city

End users

All citizens

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